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Back To Homemaking Library

Back To Homemaking Library

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Grab this life-changing library before the sale ends!

Are you a modern woman wanting to learn skills like:

breadmaking (sourdough + gluten-free)
recipes + cookbooks
cooking from scratch
food storage
gardening (+ involving kids + organic gardening)
raising chickens
homesteading with kids
vegetable fermentation
soaking beans + grains
herbalism (+animal herbalism)
non-toxic living + holistic health
gut health + healing
making + using tallow
sewing for beginners (+ a physical pattern mailed to you!)
homeschooling guidance
online income
publishing your own book
using natural fibers in your home
home management + planning
housekeeping + cleaning
living + feeding your family on one income
homemaking encouragement + goal-setting
pregnancy + postpartum preparation + nourishment
birth trauma + healing
guided prayer + scripture study

Enjoy 2024's Back To Homemaking Library with NEW resources and a lower price!

This library is valued at over $1311.76 but you can get it today for only $49!!


Last year sold over 2100 copies! This will be available from June 1st to June 30th

Everything included in this year:

Back to the Basics: Everyday Recipes Made Simple

Learn how to make all of your household staples from scratch. 60+ easy-to-follow recipes including bread, pasta, sauces, condiments, sweets, and more! 

Retail Price: $47


Everyday Food Storage: a step-by-step planning guide to transform your favorite meals into food storage-friendly recipes

This 52-page printable workbook PDF is packed full of handouts, worksheets, cheat sheets and more to help you create a customized plan and build a rotatable food storage supply for emergencies and everyday.

Retail Price: $35


The Peaceful Path to a Living Education


Join Jennifer Pepito, the founder of the Peaceful Press, alongside veteran homeschool mom Kristin Dahman in an engaging exploration of homeschooling essentials. Over five sessions you will gain insights into crafting a personalized homeschool vision, setting achievable goals, and structuring your days to align with your family's priorities. Discover practical strategies for navigating challenges and fostering a peaceful, enriching educational environment for you and your loved ones.


Retail Price: $39


The Art of Tallow: A Homesteader's Guide

This comprehensive guide offers valuable insights and techniques for mastering the time-honored tradition of tallow production.

by @bovinery_

Retail Price: $15


How To Pray for your Husband

A brief, comprehensive e-book on how to pray for your husband through The Scriptures 
by @adarasherron
Retail Price: $21.99
The 10 Commandments of Self Publishing
A brief, comprehensive e-book on how to self publish a book without hassle and headache.
Retail Price: $10.99
Canning Ebook
This extensive 50+ page Ebook equips you with everything necessary to begin your canning adventure! Featuring, canning 101 from supplies to canning equipment, a detailed manual on preserving seasonal produce, printable seasoning mixes, charts, recipes, and create your own recipe book with your favorite canning recipes all in one place!!
Retail Price: $20
Feast For Less
You love eating good food, now let me help you save money while doing it. Unlock $200+ every month on groceries & increase your food security. Packed with practical tips, budget-friendly recipes & meal ideas & real-life advice, this kitchen companion is perfect for the money-conscious foodie who's ready to make the leap from dining out daily to home cooking mostly. Let me introduce you to meal planning, stocking your pantry & other easy DIY swaps so you can save time, space & of course - money in your kitchen effortlessly without ever compromising flavor.
Retail Price: $10.99
Kitchen Goal Setting Workbook
This workbook will help you review the vision you have for your kitchen. And if you're new to the kitchen scene it'll get you thinking of a vision! Whether you're setting the tone for your kitchen or trying to get back on track, you'll find guidance on how to set goals, create actionable steps & prioritize your to-do list so you can spend your valuable time doing what really matters to you.
Retail Price: $2.99
The Ultimate Guide to a Less Toxic Lifestyle 
This guide will empower you to lead a less-toxic lifestyle, without the overwhelm. You will be able to make swaps for your home, have access to diy recipes, know which ingredients to avoid - what they are in and the harm associated with them, replacements, tips & tricks. We're talking personal care, cleaning supplies, home & garden, what we use in the kitchen, & detoxing. Start living the life you are dreaming of!
Retail Price: $50
SCRATCH: Homestead Harvest Recipes
Recipes for farm-to-table dinners, making your own dairy products, sauces, condiments, snacks & spices. Plus my 7 favorite sourdough recipes and a sourdough starter recipe if you're brand new to sourdough but are eager to learn! In addition, this cookbook also covers the basics of canning and preserving, soo if you are growing a garden this year, it'll walk you through preserving your harvest! 
Retail Price: $35
Natural Fibers
Natural fibers. They’re incredible for us and such a gift from God. The convenience and “cheapness” that society has pushed on us over the past couple of generations have our homes filled with synthetic fibers that aren’t beneficial to our health. This guide takes a deeper dive into what natural fibers are, how they’re beneficial (& in what ways), and also gives you an idea of where you can incorporate natural fibers within your own home.
Retail Price: $14.99
Healing Birth Trauma With God
Begin processing a past difficult or traumatic birth through a Bible based, trauma informed lens. This interactive workbook and journal will offer guidance on how to start thinking about and healing from a past difficult birth. Learn what birth trauma is (this may surprise you) and follow the prompts to write down your birth story and invite God into your past birth experience.
Retail Price: $22
Instagram Business Success Book
An ebook with my formula that I used to grow on Instagram and create a thriving online income for our family.
Retail Price: $42
2 Recipe Guides For Gluten Free Baking
Start the journey of baking delicious and beautiful gluten free sourdough bread for yourself  and your gluten free loved ones! This recipe bundle includes a step by step guide for starting your very own gluten free sourdough culture, a recipe for a gluten free artisan boule that stands toe to toe with its wheat counterpart, as well as chewy and tangy sourdough bagels that are super fun to make! 
Retail Price: $35
You Don't Need That Much: The Thyme and Tenderness Guide To Housekeeping

These aren’t your Grandmother’s kitchen countertops, and this isn’t your Grandmother’s laundry detergent. In recent years many cleaning products have been reformulated and even old tried and true DIY cleaners may actually be doing more harm than good to the surfaces of our modern homes. Also, a whole generation of women (and men) haven’t been taught how to clean, and many online “Cleanfluencers” use harmful hacks that can be both dangerous to you, your family, and the environment. Lets learn how to clean together!!!

Retail Price: $20
The No-fuss Sourdough Starter Challenge
Have you ever wanted to bake sourdough, but felt the process was too time-consuming or too complicated? In the No-Fuss Sourdough Starter Challenge, we'll walk you through how to make a starter from scratch in as little as a week. We'll also share tips and advice so you can feel confident not just making a starter, but maintaining it and turning it into delicious loaves of bread. In 20 minutes or less each day, you'll learn how to make a starter and learn the tips and tricks to make sourdough super simple and easy to do.
Retail Price: $97
13 Teeny Tiny Truth Bombs About Homeschooling
You'll embark on a remarkable journey through 13 tiny truth bombs, each exploding with insights, anecdotes, and actionable advice to help you make the most of your homeschooling adventure. With over 25 years of combined experience in teaching, mentoring, and homeschooling, Craig and Bekki bring a wealth of knowledge to the table. Their mission? To help you break free from the chains of curriculum and create a thriving learning environment at home.
Retail: $14.95
Homemade Mastery: A Guide to Ditch Eating Out
Want to Ditch Eating out and get 30-days of dinner recipes for less than $250*? I do, so that's what you can find in Homemade Mastery!
Retail Price $20
How to Soak Beans and Grains
Today, the idea of soaking grains, rice, and legumes feels like a foreign concept to most people. And spending extra time in the kitchen isn’t exactly appealingBut don’t let that deter you from this powerful ancestral practice. After all, soaking grains is easy to get the hang of—and it comes with a lot of health benefits.
Retail Price: $19.99
Summer Garden with Kids: Learn and Create Lasting Memories
If you don't have a garden but want to start learning or if you have a garden, but not sure what to do in it, then grab your kids and join this 4-week gardening with kids online class.

This online course has weekly videos, downloads, and projects that make gardening easy and fun.

Pick summer to learn about growing tomatoes, cucumbers, and beans. Have fun learning how to grow with this hands-on course. 
Retail Price: $47
Canning For Begineers
Canning for beginners is a great for beginners it goes through all the basics! Which type of canning to use, different types of jars, lids, rings and more! It explains in depth why we can the way we do. It talks about bacteria and how to prevent spoilage! Along with a little touch of Appalachian traditions 
Retail Price: $17
Tiny Plots Big Lessons: Homesteading with Young Kids

This guide explores the benefits of involving children early in homesteading, highlighting it's positive impact on their growth and family dynamic. It emphasizes the importance of getting children outdoors instead of in front of screens, discusess the signifigance of chores and how to present them, and offers insights into helping kids understand homesteading's importance and their role in it.

Retail Price: $7
Picnic Cookbook
Inside these pages, you'll discover a treasure trove of recipes designed to tantalize your taste buds and nourish your body. From refreshing salads to flavorful grilled dishes, each recipe is thoughtfully crafted to showcase the best that summer has to offer. Whether you're hosting a backyard barbecue, planning a picnic in the park, or simply craving a light and satisfying meal, you'll find inspiration aplenty within these pages. With over 20 recipes included, it's sure to make any event you host this spring or summer an absolute blast!
Retail Price: $24.99
Recipe Binder Printable
The Kitchen Chronicles Recipe Binder Printable is more than just a collection of your recipes; it's a gateway to creating lasting memories and fostering connections through the shared experience of food. Organize your culinary adventures with elegance and style, as you thumb through pages filled with handwritten notes, faded photographs, and the aroma of bygone eras.
Retail Price: $9.99
Master The Art Of Sourdough With NO Special Equipment. 
My comprehensive guide is designed to empower busy homemakers who are intimated to start their sourdough journey. My guide provides step by step instruction on how to master the almost lost art of sourdough baking. Unlike other guides, no fancy gadgets are required! I focus on teaching how to successfully bake sourdough with basic supplies around the house! This guide is visual learner friendly as I have included video clips to show certain techniques. Also let's be honest. If you are reading this you likely didn't have these skills passed down to you. It's okay I didn't either! Therefore I had nobody to troubleshoot with me. Which is why I have included a Q&A and troubleshooting section. My guide also contains my versatile family recipes as well as the science behind sourdough bread.
Retail Price: $27
Slow Food in a Fast World
Retail Price: $29
Sewing Skills Class and Pattern
I have created a brand new pattern and sewing project just for this collective! A chicken potholder! You will receive the actual pattern by mail! You will have a link to a private video showing sewing steps for the project. And you will have a printable shopping list for the other items needed to complete the exclusive project.Most importantly you will receive a link to my private marco polo group, you can ask any sewing questions directly to me!
Once you receive the collective you can contact me and I will mail your pattern! My contribution that you receive with the collective will have the links for all this!
You will also receive;
A printable sewing room supply list,
A printable sewing practice list,
A private link to a sewing machine threading video!
Let sew something!
Retail Price: $100.00
Simply Homemade Cookbook
This cookbook is a collection of my best homemade recipes! If you’re looking to cook from scratch but don’t know where to start, these recipes are a great starting point. You will find a bit of everything inside including canning, bulk prepping breakfast, dinner ideas and a few desserts. 
Retail Price $9.99
The Gut Health Handbook For Women
The goal of this book is to teach you all about your gut, how it works, why it works, and why it doesn’t work. It’s to show you that if you can fully heal your gut, you can be set free from things you’ve prayed to be set free from your entire life. Have you ever considered that sometimes we aren’t set free from ailments because of our lifestyle? Why heal something if we’re just going to continue living the same way? God wouldn’t be very honored in that, would He? It would give us a foothold to call Him a fraud.
Retail Price: $15
The Kitchen Homesteaders Handbook
Looking to level up your cooking from scratch journey? This ebook includes 14 from scratch recipes to help you make basics, sweets, and quick weeknight recipes the whole family will love!
Retail Price: $15
Beef Tallow: How to Render and use Tallow at home
This guide is almost 20 pages of information to grow your knowledge on beef fat and tallow. Learn how to render beef fat, learn about the history of tallow and the long list of tallow uses. This guide gives a load of information as well on the benefits of using tallow over other skincare products and kitchen oils for your cooking uses. Along with recipes for rendering beef fat into tallow and the recipe for whipped tallow. With each product we sell we provide the ability to email us about any information with questions and comments to help you grow your knowledge on the homesteading subject at hand!
Retail Price: $3.99
Feeding Your Family on a Single Income Budget
A guide on how to save money on your monthly food budget without sacrificing eating well!
Retail Price: $3.99
Low Toxic Living: A Guide to Help Lower Your Body Burden 
Ready to dive into low-tox living and don’t know where to start? Then this guide is for you! Learn about toxins and where they are hiding with solutions to help reduce your body burden.
Retail Price: $20
Natural Nourishment For Mom and Baby
Nourishing our bodies and souls naturally in pregnancy and postpartum to the Glory of God! In this e-book you will find encouragement, practical tips, Biblical perspective, prayers,  recipes, food/meal ideas, herbal & natural remedies, to help prepare you for pregnancy (all 3 trimesters), birth and postpartum.
Retail Price: $10.99
Vegetable Fermentation
How to elevate your meals with probiotic goodness—no expensive pills required! This comprehensive ebook guides you through the benefits of fermented vegetables, the science behind them, and simple recipes to try at home. Perfect for anyone eager to enhance their diet with homemade, nutrient-rich fermented veggies.
Retail Price: $29
Growing Gardens of Grace: Cultivating Seeds Of Knowledge for the Whole Family
I’d like to think of my book, Growing Gardens of Grace, as an organic garden manual. Something that someone who has never grown a plant can pick up and learn from start to finish. They can learn the science behind the organic recommendations and why we use those suggestions. This book is filled with information and charts that you can reference throughout your season. It is beneficial for all ages and can be used as a homeschool gardening course. After every chapter, you’ll find journal pages and activities to fill out corresponding with each chapter’s topic. I hope that this book blesses you in your gardening endeavors.
Retail Price: $27
10 Vintage Homemaking Skills to Learn this Year

There is a whole generation of women unlearning what we thought was useful and learning what nourishes our souls. This ebook, 10 vintage homemaking skills to learn this year, will help you learning what we really should be learning and passing down to our children. @motherhenshomestead

Retail Price: $50
Super Simple Staples

Are you ready to take charge in your kitchen? To stop worrying about reading every single ingredient label and watching the cost add up at the grocery store check out?

I know the struggle. Trying to feed your family nutritious foods that they love, without spending a ton of money for great quality, or missing out on their favorite snacks, can seem impossible. BUT IT'S NOT!

It's why I wrote Super Simple Staples. A recipe book to show you how to make easy popular staples from home while saving you money.

I'll show you how to make staples like coffee creamers, breads, condiments, cheese, and the snacks your kiddos love.

Retail Price: $27
Christian Herbal Magazine

Do you want to learn more about using herbal medicine and natural remedies to take care of yourself and your family? I know when I first started learning about herbs, I was so frustrated with doctors that: 1) didn’t actually treat the root of the problem, and 2) made me feel like it was their way or the highway. The problem though, was that I didn’t know enough about herbal medicine to treat my kids’ illnesses. I was scared that I would make things worse.

After over 20 years of herbal study and practice, the Christian Herbal Magazine was published to teach people how to confidently use herbal medicine, natural remedies, and nutritious foods to grow healthy families!


Retail Price: $20


Proverbs 31: a 4-week study

Proverbs 31: A study on Wisdom,Virtue & Valor is written from a homemaker for fellow homemakers and covers the entirety of Proverbs 31.  Answering questions such as, Who is the Proverbs 31 Woman? Can modern day women live up to her? What should we learn from the Proverbs 31 Woman? and more. Each week has four reading days breaking down Proverbs 31 verse by verse with a response and prayer area. The fifth day is for reflection and review.  Proverbs 31a study on Wisdom,virtue & valor is set up as a 4-week study.


Retail Price: $10


Snack Fare

Easy homemade snacks the whole family will love!

Retail Price: $5.99



For the Love of Food

Embrace the tradition of homestead cooking with this ebook, and make every meal a memorable experience with the timeless recipes it contains. Whether you're craving a hearty breakfast, a comforting dinner, refreshing salad or a simple side, you'll find inspiration in every page.
  • Over 80 homestead recipes
  • Beautiful photography and helpful tips
  • Simple, wholesome ingredients

Retail Price: $5.99

Simplify your Home

Simplify Your Homemaking: Running Your Home With Ease is a guide for every mom filled with homemaking tips on meals & groceries, budgets, keeping Christ at the center, routines & schedules, cleaning & organizing, and more. Robyn’s goal is to encourage other moms in their homemaking journey!


Retail Price: $9.99


Animal Herbalism 101: Livestock and Pet Wellness

What if you had some basic knowledge about using safe herbs and even essential oils with your animals so you could.....

have more choices about what you. might be able to do at home first

know which herbs and essential oils are not only SAFE, but can actually improve health

serve the respiratory system, heal wounds, help digestive upsets, and lots more

give your animals better options for pest controls

even work with your chickens and larger poultry

and MORE!


Retail Price: $57


The Places We Live

“the place we live” is an EMagazine From The Homemaker’s compendium subscription hosted on the Hopewell Homestead. Members have enjoyed a monthly digital magazine featuring many aspects of daily home life in the garden, in the kitchen, and a number of tips and trick from days gone by. This eMagazine is from June 2023.


Retail Price: $15


One Income and Thriving

An Introductory Ebook for Families Considering or have Recently Made the Transition of Going Down to One Income as They Raise Children
Retail Price: $17



Free Food

With the cost of living being what it is nowadays, our grocery budgets are being stretched like never before. This is a guide to some common plants which are easy to identify and which can be used to make actual meals from, to feed our families with.


Retail Price: $9.99


From Scratch Condiment Handbook

Create classic homemade condiments to take your
from scratch pantry to the next level.


Retail Price: $9.99


Knitting Patterns for Homemakers

Knitting Patterns for Homemakers offers up a selection of the easiest and best basic patterns for women who want to keep their hands busy in something more purposeful than scrolling their phones! Super simple, easy-to-follow patterns for basics can be knit up quickly, and make great, homemade gifts. 


Retail Price: $12


Blessed Abundance

Blessed Abundance is the recipe collection everyone hopes they need! Having too many eggs, or too much milk is a blessing, after all! But what to do with all that goodness during its limited shelf life? Blessed Abundance to the rescue. Delight your family with a Hot Milk Cake, or try your hand at a creamy, old fashioned custard recipe perfected in a holler in Appalachia. Celebrate the bounty with these recipes!

Retail Price: $12


The Purposeful Planner

The Purposeful Planner, Countertop Dashboard; a passion and purpose-filled project I’ve been working on for quite some time! As a homesteading, homemaking, homeschooling, home-centered mom of six, I struggled to find a planner that not only allowed me to keep my projects & priorities in check, but also gave me the flexibility our days desperately need — So, I created it, and I’m thrilled to share it with you!

This purchase contains:
– How to Use this Planner
– The Purposeful Planner



Retail Price: $32


Ultimate Guide to Raising Chickens



Whether you're getting chickens for the first time or just trying to simplify the day-to-day tasks, this is the guide for you!

Even if you just have a couple of chickens in the backyard, that is a huge step towards being more self-sufficient! But raising chickens should never feel overwhelming. So throughout this ebook, I give practical tips and advice that will make raising chickens so much simpler!


Retail Price: $27


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