Why is the collective only $50 and available for a limited time?

Each creator has contributed their content to sale at a discounted amount so that you have the opportunity to get access. Because of that it can only be available for a limited time.


How do I get access?

After purchasing you will receive an email with the content. From there you can download the ebooks and look through the courses.


Once purchased how long will I have the library?

Forever. There is no limit, but there is a download limit for each ebook. Each one can only be downloaded 5 times.


Can the ebooks be printed?

Yes, all ebooks are PDF files. And can be printed into physical books through: https://fourpillarsprinting.com/product/custom-order/


Can I be refunded or return?

No, this is digital content. If you are having downloading or technical issues please email: backtohomemaking@gmail.com 



How long is it available and will there be another?

The collective library will be live from March 1st-31st. After that all products will go to regular price. There will be an ongoing blog and podcast.