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Shelby is a homemaker living in TN with her family. Passionate about family dinners, slow living, homesteading, and Jesus—she hopes to share her love for serving and teaching to others.


Kitchen Mastery




Isa is a a wife, mother, writer, homesteader, homeschooler, and of course, homemaker who lives in the Ozarks with her husband and and two boys. She loves to write about womanhood, the Christian worldview, and classical femininity beyond “trad” from the peace and quiet of her family’s little woodsy paradise. 

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Dr. Ashley is a Board Certified Doctor of Holistic Health and traditionally-trained naturopath. She is certified in functional medicine and functional genomics which gives her the ability to specifically apply nutrition and nutraceutical recommendations based on a deep analysis of one’s personal genetic profile and other in-depth testing. Dr. Ashley is a lover of Jesus, wife to a chiropractor, homeschooling mother of four girls, and a homesteader.

Product: Restorative Kitchen: a cookbook and lifestyle guide for preventing and reversing chronic disease and autoimmunity.






I am a young mother living on a homestead with my family of 5, in beautiful deep East Texas. I am passionate about ancestral wisdom, traditional preparation of food, homesteading, and motherhood!

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Ainsley is a mom to a four-year-old girl, navigating homesteading dreams in suburban life with HOA restrictions. They maximize their space and community guidelines by nurturing a beginner's garden and cooking from scratch all while involving their daughter as much as possible. Initially hesitant, they found homesteading in suburbia to be feasible and rewarding.

Product: Tiny Plots Big Lessons: a Begineers guide to homesteading with young kids






Stephanie is a wife and mother of five, now settled in a cozy homestead in rural British Columbia. Her family left the city to follow God's lead by pursuing a more community-sufficient, simplified life in the country. When she isn't running after the little pitter-patters of farm-kid feet, you'll most likely find her sipping coffee, creating in the kitchen, or snuggling up to her family milk cow, Callie.

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Kelci Michaelson is a passionate homemaker, homesteader, and home cook. Heritage Home & Hearth is inspired by Kelci’s great grandmother, who’s home & hearth were her entire world. Stories of the meals that graced their idyllic Idaho homestead table and the woman who prepared them have been passed down through the generations. The business honoring this heritage was created to serve as a resource for home cooks and bakers, wanting to learn how to make the nostalgic, nourishing comfort foods of the past 100% gluten free. With the firm belief that gluten allergies do not mean sacrificing your favorite foods, she has created recipes made with nutritious gluten free ancient grains and clean ingredients that stand toe to toe with their wheat counterparts. With a passion for helping others find enjoyment, reward, and success in gluten free cooking, baking, and serving, Kelci hopes that the recipes she has created with love bless families and homes with full, happy bellies. 

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Adara Sherron is a Christian speaker, counselor, author, and empowerment specialist to women from all walks of life. Her passion is for Godly relationships and wholeness in Christ no matter what your marital status is. She holds a master’s degree in Pastoral Counseling, and serves as a counselor at a Christian pro-life pregnancy center in NYC. 

Adara is happily married to the love of her life and best friend, Bishop D. A Sherron.  They are the proud parents of two beautiful daughters; Sophia Rose & Saige Olivia. Together they shepherd and steward Global Fire Church, in Brooklyn, NY. 

Adara’s ultimate desire is to lead a life that is pleasing to God and to edify others in the process. 

Products: The 10 Commandments of Self Publishing 

Praying For Him








Aly Hill is a first-generation homemaking, homeschooling, and homesteading mom of three. Living in the woods of Ohio's Amish country her family grows, raises, hunts, and forages most of their food. Through years of experience, she fills in the gaps by shopping in bulk and preventing food waste in the grocery industry by preserving her finds at home to keep their pantries full. 
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’m first a wife and mother to our two beautiful children. Homesteading on our 1 acre of land with a full garden and our birds. We have chickens, raise turkeys and meat birds. We are hunters, fisherman, simple living folk that enjoys getting back to our roots as much as we can.

When I’m not being a homemaker, I’m a professional photographer & social media manager.

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Victoria Yost, also known as @Thymeandtenderness on Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube; has been posting online since 2018. Victoria has always had a passion for helping others thrive in their homes. She believes home should be a sanctuary from the world. Shortly after starting her online platforms, Victoria started to receive a lot of messages and requests from her viewers concerning things like general household cleaning and management. It is upon these topics that Victoria has taken a deep interest in. She believes anyone can be an amazing homemaker and that no matter who you are, you deserve to have a clean and peaceful home. Victoria lives in Southern Maryland with her Husband, Son, Dog, and six chickens. In addition to her ebook she is also a Young Adult novel writer with her debut novel: Wildflowers  published through Amazon. 

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Hi!  I’m Kate - a happy, homemaking, homeschooling wife and mom to five.  I have always LOVED Creation and exploring all God has offered us there and am super interested in all the free food and medicine He has given us at our fingertips.  I love to help other Mamas find out how they can stretch their grocery budget by using plants commonly known as weeds, but which are actually a very nutritious addition to our diet.  Home is where my heart is, with my family.

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We are first generation homesteaders that moved from the beaches of California to the Mountains of Montana. We completely changed our lifestyle to provide a safer and healthier life for ourselves and our children. Here at RoosterHead Homestead we practice regenerative farming, animal integration, growing our own food, raising our own meat, cooking from scratch, and homeschooling.

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My name is Cid, and I and the prepping homesteader, known as Prepsteader. I started canning and preserving food in a small apartment with a stock pot. Fast forward nearly 7 years, we have two little girls
and we live an a half-acre homestead with an 1,800 sq ft garden and lots of chickens. Prepping for me is a way to mitigate the small, yet very common things that can come up. Homesteading is a way for us to overcome the bigger things. Once we combined them, we have found our rhythm for life. 
Product: A Prepared Life For The Average Family 

I'm Justice, I have been a homemaker for a bit over 4 years! My better half, Kyle, works very hard to give me the opportunity to stay home and raise our two boys while taking care of our home! This is no easy task and each year Icome away with a new skill on how to better take care of my family and manage my home! | enjoy being a momma, cooking, gardening, canning, being outdoors, reading... ni general fi you think of it as a "grandma hobby" I'd probably enjoy doing it! I'm a crunchy mom but not crazy about it, I like my beef liver with a side of dr. pepper fi ya catch my drift! In general I try to not take life too seriously and just move where the Lord leads me!

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Stephanie Leaf is a mother, wife, entrepreneur, freelance
writer, and simple living strategist/coach. She helps busy, modern
moms create a simpler, healthier, more homegrown life for their
families.  With her husband Brian, they have been working to transform
their family’s lives to be more self-sufficient, healthy, and
intentional. Stephanie is the founder of the blog, “Wingin’ it on the
Homestead” and the host of the Simple Living Made Simple Podcast where
she shares recipes, tips, tricks, and their family’s journey to simple

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Amy K. Fewell is a biblical herbalist, homemaker, author, the founder of Homesteaders of America, and kingdom builder! She is the creator of The Homestead Herbalist courses and membership, where she teaches others evidence and biblical based herbalism. 

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Born and raised in the foothills of North Carolina, my upbringing was steeped in the traditions of home gardening and preserving food. In the embrace of my family, we cultivated vibrant gardens and harvested the fruits of our labor with care, spending countless hours canning and preserving our bounty.
For me, canning is not just a culinary technique; it's a cherished tradition, a labor of love passed down through generations. It's about gathering together, sharing stories, and preserving memories in jars filled with the essence of each season.
I'm here to share my knowledge, my experiences, and above all, my love for canning with anyone eager to embark on this fulfilling journey. As I always say, there's nothing inherently difficult about canning—just the precious gift of time.
Product: Canning For Beginners
Bethany is mom to 5 kiddos and wife to Jake. Together they run Whatever Is True Co shop and podcast. Currently she is traveling the country in an RV seeing God's creation while roadschooling her children. She and her husband have a passion for helping couples thrive in their marriages and disciple their children. She can often be found with a homemade latte in hand and a baby on her hip. 
Product: Proverbs 31 a 4-week Study

Christine Clark grew up in a township just outside of Alliance, Ohio and went to a rural farm school. Growing up somewhere amid the poverty level, she recalls days where she and her sister stood in line with their mom at the local Salvation Army to collect their monthly ration of food, which included some of the best government cheese! It wasn’t until her mid 30’s that she became interested in learning where food truly comes from. Growing food and teaching others where food comes from has become Christine's passion. When she’s not working you’ll find her spending time with her family, in the garden, starting seeds, cooking or taking in a local hiking trail.  Christine, together with her husband Todd, have been building Headwaters Homestead since 2020. Their blended family includes two younger children, Jackson who is 13 and Addison who is 11, two older daughters, Alexis and her husband Mark, Caitlynn and her husband Drew along with their first granddaughter, Avery Jean. It is Christine’s dream to see Headwaters Homestead become a legacy carried on by her children and grandchildren. 


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Katie Braswell is a holistic nutritionist focused on optimizing women’s health at all stages of pregnancy and motherhood. She believes women’s health recommendations are drastically behind the times and has made it her mission to change that—using real food and ancestral methods that help women regain vibrancy and wellness. Her continued education has led her to graduate from the Lily Nichols Prenatal Nutrition Institute and the Fertility Academy. Check out her work on Instagram @livewildbewell and on her website at


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 Alicia is a garden-growing expert who simplifies gardening. Her personalized support and practical advice empower individuals to achieve success in their gardening journey through online courses, a gardening monthly membership, and coaching.

She is a gardenary certified designer, finishing up her certification in horticulture from UCLA, and certified as a garden educator for schools through Life Labs. She has her masters in education and taught in the public school system before homeschooling for the last 17 years.  
Product: Summer Gardening with Kids Workshop
Nestled in the woods on her homestead, Red Ridge, Ashley, is passionate about seeking ways to acquire self-sufficient skills and reviving lost traditions. As a dedicated wife and mother of three daughters, you can usually find her in the kitchen, whipping up nutritious meals or tending to her vegetable garden in her free time.
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I’m a wife, “scrunchy” mom of two, emergency preparedness enthusiast, Trader Joe’s fanatic, and believer in Christ trying to be better every day. After moving across the country away from all our family and friends, I realized our family's well-being was solely up to us, and I dove into the world of food storage and emergency preparedness. I love sharing the information, tips and tricks I learn with the hopes of encouraging others to prepare, also.
Product: Everyday Food Storage: a step-by-step planning guide to transform your favorite meals into food storage-friendly recipes
Mel is a wife, mother, author, entrepreneur, and homesteader. She and her husband live in beautiful Michigan where they raise their 3 daughters. Mel loves cooking, baking, gardening, running her businesses, and, most of all, being a wife and mother. This past year she worked hard to self-publish her recipe book "Back to the Basics: Everyday Recipes Made Simple" where she helps other women learn how to make their household staples at home. Mel is now in the midst of writing her second recipe book to be published and in stores in 2025. She hopes to inspire you to slow down and find joy in making your house a home.
Product: Back to the Basics: Everyday Recipes Made Simple
Brittany started The Biblical Birth School to teach expecting moms birth from a Biblical worldview. She also certifies and equips women to become Christian birth professionals to go into all the world and take back birth for the Kingdom of God. She's a wife of 20 years and a mom to 5 girls and 1 boy (and always hoping for one more!)
Brittany McCardle, CCBE, CD 
Product: Healing Birth Trauma Workbook
Robyn is a follower of Jesus, blessed wife and mother of four sweet kiddos. She is passionate about homemaking and homesteading. Sharing her love of the home, cooking, recipes, gardening and more, she hopes to encourage other moms to run their homes with joy!
Product: Simplify Your Homemaking
Shelby DeVore is a multigenerational homesteader and homesteading expert who teaches women how to embrace a simpler, healthier, more traditional lifestyle. Shelby is a former high school and college agriculture teacher. She enjoys teaching women how to garden, raise livestock and create a more made-from-scratch life.
Product: The No-Fuss Sourdough Starter Challenge
Abbie Bullard is a dedicated stay-at-home mother, homeschool educator, and a kitchen creative with a passion for crafting and starting a farmstead. For the past 16 years, she has sought to balance her roles as a mother and creative, infusing creativity into every aspect of her life. Abbie's kitchen is her canvas, where she crafts simple yet flavor-packed dinners from everyday ingredients, delights her family with freshly baked bread and pies, and even shares her culinary expertise through captivating videos.
Products: Picnic Cookbook + Recipe Binder Printable
For more than a decade, Corina has enjoyed cultivating a more natural approach to many aspects of everyday life in the countryside of Tennessee. She enjoys the challenge of breaking the modern day homemaker mold and living a bit more slowly and intentionally. To do so, she has adopted historical and primitive methods that not only meet the physical needs of her and her family, but also the deeper, soulful need to be a good steward of resources like time, money and energy and bring glory to God in her work at home. From gardening, to raising animals, and being a bit more independent, there is something here for everyone. AT the moment, you can find her in the garden or working alongside her husband to continue chipping away at the unending to-do list as self-contractors of their historical new home. Welcome to The Hopewell Homestead!
Product: The Places We Live
Hi, friends! My name is Abby and I homestead with my family on 10 acres in Northern Minnesota. My husband and I have two young boys, a couple of dogs, and a coop full of chickens. My first homesteading love is growing and preserving organic produce for our family to enjoy all year round. Outside of the garden, you’ll find me in the kitchen baking sourdough, cooking from scratch, and dabbling in cheese making. I love to keep my hands busy and my mind continuously learning. Whether it’s gardening, baking, crocheting, or building, there is always more to discover! "The work of the hands is the language of the soul."
Product: Vegetable Fermentation 
Claire is passionate about serving her family well, eating really good food, being in the kitchen (even when there's nothing to do) & saving money through it all! Despite the importance of food security, she didn’t grow up learning skills like preserving food or cooking from scratch. Nevertheless, she’s on an ongoing journey to increase her family’s self-sufficiency by starting with their food. Visitors to her blog (Becoming Traditional) will find inspiration & tips to save money in the kitchen without compromising space, time or flavor. And whether you enjoy cooking or not, Claire says you’re welcome here; her table is long enough.
Products: Feast For Less and Kitchen Goal Setting Workbook
The Delightful Cottage.
I am a Wife and mother of three boys.
I am a generational home (maker, schooler, steader) and I enjoy the art of sewing!
I especially love to teach this skill so that it does not become a lost art!
I hang out and share on Instagram!
Product: Sewing Skills Class + Pattern
Lara is a wife, homemaker and homeschool mom of 4 children. She and her family enjoy living a more natural and holistic life in a ways that honors and brings glory to God. Lara has also incorporated many natural and holistic approaches to pregnancy, birth(3 home births) postpartum, raising children, cleaning their home, and making food and natural remedies. Lara is also in the School of Christian Health and Nutrition and will be a certified Christian Health Practitioner in March of 2025!
Product: Natural Nourishment For Mom and Baby
I’m Hayden, a mama who chose to leave her career two years ago and pursue being a stay at home mom. I share our journey to homesteading, homeschooling, leaving the matrix, and becoming self sufficient. Follow along as we pursue our dreams and take you along for the ride! 
Product: Simply Homemade Cookbook
Welcome to Honey and Nectar Co., where the beauty of nature meets sustainable and gentle practices. As a Christian business, we're committed to nurturing the land, foraging from the land and growing in the land. From vibrant fruits and vegetables to delicious baked goods and farm-fresh eggs, learning practices of traditional skills and medicines everything we bring to the table is to connect you more closely with the Lord’s original design and ancestral living. There is nothing more pure than farm fresh produce, rendering beef fat, canning home goods and making meals from scratch. This is a glimpse into the experience you get when visiting our page, learning alongside us, growing your own food or reading through our books.
Product: Beef Tallow: How To Render and Use Tallow At Home
Heather Mills Schwarzen holds degrees in Political Science and English, but has no regrets in leaving behind the world of politics to be a full-time wife and mother after the birth of her first child in 1997. She has spent the last 25+ years relearning the homemaking skills her grandmother instilled in her: gardening, repurposing, herbal remedies, hospitality, canning, creatively conquering challenges and making a home beautiful on budget. You can find her on Instagram @to_sow_a_seed, and on Substack under the same name.
Products: Knitting Patterns for Homemakers and Blessed Abundance
Hi, I’m Jordyn! I’m the owner of June Heritage where I share my love of fiber, heirlooms, and sufficiency. I’m a crochet artist and recently quit my 9-5 to pursue crocheting full time. I have a flock of 11 chickens that are my absolute loves so you can most likely find me over by the coop. You may know me from sharing about my rooster, Walker. He’s pretty famous over on IG because he’s a big snuggle bug! I enjoy tending to my happy inside jungle and thinking up new ways to share the art of crochet with others.
Product: Natural Fibers 
Jennifer Pepito is the host of the Restoration Home podcast, author of Habits for a Sacred Home and the founder of The Peaceful Press ( Her mission is to create a movement of families who nurture peaceful homes and cultivate virtue, wonder, and curiosity for a better tomorrow. as they homeschool with life-giving, literature-based resources from the Peaceful Press. She lives in Northern California where she enjoys being outside with her family.
Product: The Peaceful Path to a Living Education Course
Helping Stay at Home Moms Thrive on a Limited Budget. 
Product: One Income and Thriving
Heidi Villegas is a clinical herbalist, professional level certified aromatherapist, and loves all things natural living. Her passion is teaching everyone who will listen about the powers of plant medicine. She and her husband homestead on 27 acres in North Idaho with veggie and medicinal herb gardens, a large flock of chickens, horses, dogs, and cats. You can visit her website at 
Product: Animal Herbalism Course