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Shelby is a homemaker living in TN with her family. Passionate about family dinners, slow living, homesteading, and Jesus—she hopes to share her love for serving and teaching to others.


4-weeks of dinner recipes




Isa is a a wife, mother, writer, homesteader, homeschooler, and of course, homemaker who lives in the Ozarks with her husband and and two boys. She loves to write about womanhood, the Christian worldview, and classical femininity beyond “trad” from the peace and quiet of her family’s little woodsy paradise. 

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 Meet the creators 






I’m Jess, I’m a former elementary teacher turned homeschooling mom of five boys ages 15 down to 6. With my husband, we live on a small homestead in SE Wisconsin. On my website Silo & Sage, I support other moms in their home, homeschool, and motherhood, through online courses, monthly membership, and printables. I’m super passionate about choosing HOME over school by prioritizing connection and relationship over curriculum and checklists.

Product: How to Do it All: secrets for balancing home, motherhood, and homeschool 


Blogging about living a more simple and wholesome lifestyle including recipes, natural remedies, & natural beauty DIYs.
Product: The Ultimate Guide to Natural DIY Bath, Beauty, & Household Recipes 

I'm Kelly Briggs from Nova Scotia, Canada and have four children under 12. I'm a past elementary teacher, turned homeschool mom and home management coach. I teach overwhelmed moms how to keep home management simple, with a focus on planning, routines, and chores.

 Product: The Ultimate Simple Meal Planning Guide


Dr. Ashley is a Board Certified Doctor of Holistic Health and traditionally-trained naturopath. She is certified in functional medicine and functional genomics which gives her the ability to specifically apply nutrition and nutraceutical recommendations based on a deep analysis of one’s personal genetic profile and other in-depth testing. Dr. Ashley is a lover of Jesus, wife to a chiropractor, homeschooling mother of four girls, and a homesteader.

Product: Restorative Kitchen: a cookbook and lifestyle guide for preventing and reversing chronic disease and autoimmunity.



Stephanie is a simple living mom of 3 girls, a Missouri ranch wife, and a gluten free from scratch cooking enthusiast. She loves to inspire and teach others how to cook completely from scratch, gluten free if needed, using healthy wholesome ingredients. Stephanie is passionate about using what she can grow, raise, and preserve on her own land to provide healthy sustainable foods and products for her family. 


Product: The Ranchers Homestead Cookbook 




I am a young mother living on a homestead with my family of 5, in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley of Montana. I am passionate about ancestral wisdom, traditional preparation of food, homesteading, and motherhood!

Product: Home Remedies 




Hi, my name is Molly! I am a homemaker and home educator to my five children, living in a village in the English countryside. I love learning traditional skills from old books, growing food, and I'm passionate about encouraging homemakers.

Product: Candlelit Evenings at Home: Why Candles Matter and How to Make Them 




Anneliese is a 25 year old wife, mother and content creator currently residing in Arizona.

Product: Homemaking Without A Home Of Your Own 



I am a health-minded mom who is passionate about fitness, health and fueling my family with nutritious food. I fell in love with the idea of being able to create healthy, fulfilling and tasty meals for my family without breaking the bank. For years I justified a high grocery bill because we were "eating healthy foods" and eating well meant spending more money. So I made it my mission to challenge that.

Product: A Spoonful of Savings 



Nicole delights in the slow and quiet moments of everyday life. She lives with her husband and 4 children in a quiet country cottage where they school around the table, grow their own food, and cultivate a life rooted in Jesus. 

Product: A Well Nested Home "bringing your children along on your homemaking journey 




Stephanie is a wife and mother of five, now settled in a cozy homestead in rural British Columbia. Her family left the city to follow God's lead by pursuing a more community-sufficient, simplified life in the country. When she isn't running after the little pitter-patters of farm-kid feet, you'll most likely find her sipping coffee, creating in the kitchen, or snuggling up to her family milk cow, Callie.

Product: The Canner's Kitchen, quick reference companion 



Kelci Michaelson is a passionate homemaker, homesteader, and home cook. Heritage Home & Hearth is inspired by Kelci’s great grandmother, who’s home & hearth were her entire world. Stories of the meals that graced their idyllic Idaho homestead table and the woman who prepared them have been passed down through the generations. The business honoring this heritage was created to serve as a resource for home cooks and bakers, wanting to learn how to make the nostalgic, nourishing comfort foods of the past 100% gluten free. With the firm belief that gluten allergies do not mean sacrificing your favorite foods, she has created recipes made with nutritious gluten free ancient grains and clean ingredients that stand toe to toe with their wheat counterparts. With a passion for helping others find enjoyment, reward, and success in gluten free cooking, baking, and serving, Kelci hopes that the recipes she has created with love bless families and homes with full, happy bellies. 

Product: Home Is Where The Hearth Is: Rustic, down-home comfort foods made gluten-free 




I’m Staci, a wife and mother of 6.  We live on a small farm in Southern Missouri, raising and growing our own food and sharing our farm with the community while trying to help others do the same.  

Product title: “Growing and Using Herbs in Cooking and Home Remedies” 


Adara Sherron is a Christian speaker, counselor, author, and empowerment specialist to women from all walks of life. Her passion is for Godly relationships and wholeness in Christ no matter what your marital status is. She holds a master’s degree in Pastoral Counseling, and serves as a counselor at a Christian pro-life pregnancy center in NYC. 

Adara is happily married to the love of her life and best friend, Bishop D. A Sherron.  They are the proud parents of two beautiful daughters; Sophia Rose & Saige Olivia. Together they shepherd and steward Global Fire Church, in Brooklyn, NY. 

Adara’s ultimate desire is to lead a life that is pleasing to God and to edify others in the process. 

Product: The 10 Commandments of Self Publishing 



My name is Morgan. I am a 22- year old Christ follower, wife, mother, and homemaker. When my husband and I decided to get married at a very young age, I felt like I had no idea what I was doing when it came to domestic skills. I had never even cooked a meal before! Now cooking is one of my favorite things to do, and I have learned/am learning all I can about homemaking and domestic skills. My goal with @grounduphomemaking is to help women go from feeling unequipped and unprepared for homemaking to skilled and confident. 

Product: Building Confidence in the Kitchen 




 I am a wife and mama, and a pharmacist gone holistic! Simplifying life and returning to foundations & freedom. 

Product: Healthy Winter Bevy Guide 



Lisa is a young wife and homemaker passionate about living life in alignment with natural principles. Her skill sets include a holistic nutrition certification, whole foods based cooking and prepping, regenerative agriculture, and creative crafts of all ilk, which all contribute to her central profession of Holistic Homemaking. 

Product: Homemaking Skills for a Resilient and Sustainable Home



Aly Hill is a first-generation homemaking, homeschooling, and homesteading mom of three. Living in the woods of Ohio's Amish country her family grows, raises, hunts, and forages most of their food. Through years of experience, she fills in the gaps by shopping in bulk and preventing food waste in the grocery industry by preserving her finds at home to keep their pantries full. 
Product: The Real, Not Perfect Kitchen 


’m first a wife and mother to our two beautiful children. Homesteading on our 1 acre of land with a full garden and our birds. We have chickens, raise turkeys and meat birds. We are hunters, fisherman, simple living folk that enjoys getting back to our roots as much as we can.

When I’m not being a homemaker, I’m a professional photographer & social media manager.

Product: How To Tan Your Deer Hide + 

Sourdough Cinnamon Star Bread 



Danielle is a Catholic wife and a mother of three sweet babies finding creativity in sewing  beautiful and useful things for herself, children, and home. 

Product: Vintage Baby Bonnet Pattern

Hey there!! My name is Sarah Stutzman. I am a wife, gate keeper of our home, mother of three, and a holistic health coach. I know how stressful it can be to try to start implementing something new into your routine, but be encouraged that you can do this! I believe the greatest way to change is not overnight, but with small, sustainable steps.

My goal is to make homemaking as simple as possible. Please reach out to me on Instagram @wellfolkrevival or on my website  & let's chat about all things healthy living, homemaking, and homesteading. If you are local to PA, come sit around the table with like minded women and learn a homemaking skill in person.
Product: Micro Greens 


Hello! Originally from a big city in Ontario Canada, my family made the move to rural Alberta and are one-year into building our mortgage-free dream
homestead. I made a drastic shift from reactive clinical nursing to preventative homesteading as I work at mastering skills to support my families’ health & wellness through faith, food, and fresh air!

Product: The Debt Free Challenge Ebook 



Liz Haselmayer, the founder of Homegrown Education, is empowering families to embrace real food. She believes the best way to nourish the body is through simple, nutrient-dense foods. After spending over a decade undernourished, Liz has made it her mission to spread the message of food freedom through accurate food education. She has written several real-food-based resources including children's nutrition curricula, a breakfast and dinner meal plan, the Real Food Guide, and a regenerative farm-based coloring book. Liz and her husband also host The Homegrown Podcast where they aim to share the truth behind food and farming. 
Product: Real Food Guide 




Victoria Yost is the face and brains behind Thyme and Tenderness; a YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok online resource where you can find entertainment, motivation, and encouragement for Homemakers. Victoria has been a stay at home wife for going on seven years, and a mother for 1. 

Product: You Don’t Need That Much!!!” The Thyme and Tenderness Guide to Housekeeping 



RuthAnn and her family live in North East Iowa, Her husband, Elvin,, and her have 7 children and 1 son-in-law. Five of the children still live at home. RuthAnn and her husband have been homesteading on their 21-acre homestead since 2001. They seek to preserve the self-sufficient lifestyle of their Mennonite Heritage for the next generation by involving their children in every aspect of the homestead. From raising and harvesting the meat they consume, gardening and preserving to fill the family's larder, processing the dairy from the family milk cow plus the many other skills that develop the character and integrity of a family that desires to bring glory and honor to their Heavenly Father.

Product: Old Fashioned Approach To Childhood Chores 



I'm Danielle, creator of the Blog The Homebound Hippie. My experience as a hunters wife has lead us to a life centered on hunting, fishing, homesteading and good home cooked food. 

Product: A Hunter's Wife's Guide to Natural Cooking 


Becky is a full-time homemaker and homeschooling mother. She is grateful for each and every day that she gets to be Adam’s wife, as well as mother to their seven precious children. Her greatest blessings in life come from living in the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, homeschooling her children and homemaking. She believes that homeschooling and homemaking have radically impacted her life by allowing her to discover the gifts that lay dormant in her for years. 

Product: Topical Devotions for Pregnancy & A Wife’s Guide to Studying Proverbs: 31 Days of Devotions for Wives 


Early Potty Training




I am Nadxiieli, Shelly for short. I am the creator behind the Art of Traditions. When I am not working on that  I am working on my children's book series called  Chickie & Bear. I am married to my high school sweetheart and a mom to two adventurous little girls!  Living the lost art of homemaking while exploring the mind of a homemaker.


Product: The Mind of a Homemaker


The love of all things home has been in Mrs. Katie’s heart for over fifty years. She joyfully carries on the vital profession of homekeeping which she learned at the feet of her mother, grandmothers and great-grandmothers. Her passion for cooking and creating a cozy home is evident in her life. She and her “Mr. Patient” are parents of six and grandparents of three. Her passion is to encourage and support homemakers around the globe. Mrs. Katie of Heritage Ways is found teaching homemaking skills at Heritage Ways YouTube and other social platforms, as well as, leading local workshops and classes. She is the founder and editor of the homemakers’ popular community in-home newspaper, The Journal. The author of two cookbooks, she maintains the business of creating content and goods for homemakers and homesteaders of all ages. Born and bred in Tennessee, Mrs. Katie brings a delightful taste of Southern hospitality and comfort food to her Ohio home right outside of Amish Country in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains where she continues to homeschool her youngest children. She may be found on many social platforms as Heritage Ways and at


Product: Meal Preparedness for the Diligent Homemaker 



 Baker Hill Farm in Louisiana is the family homestead of Justin and Baygent Baker. They are dedicated to learning, implementing, and teaching sustainable living practices. Their hope is that through their content, families will grow closer together and learn to thrive. 

Product: Baker Hill Farm Vegetable Planning Guide



Hi!  I’m Kate - a happy, homemaking, homeschooling wife and mom to five.  I have always LOVED Creation and exploring all God has offered us there and am super interested in all the free food and medicine He has given us at our fingertips.  I love to help other Mamas find out how they can stretch their grocery budget by using plants commonly known as weeds, but which are actually a very nutritious addition to our diet.  Home is where my heart is, with my family.

Product: Free Food - Common Plants and How to Cook Them.


Hi! I'm Callie.
I'm a homemaker, recipe developer, homesteader and photographer over at the blog Good to Gather. Last summer, my husband and I took a wild leap and bought an 18 acre, major fixer upper farm. We are a little farm with big dreams, building a from-scratch life that we love with our six kids. Follow along as we learn to grow our own food, bake from scratch, and renovate our farmhouse one square foot at a time - all to the glory of Christ!
Product: Simple Sourdough Starter Guide 

@elisabethjbennet (personal)

@radiantwomanmagazine (community)

Hello, I'm Lizzy! I'm passionate about encouraging young women to serve their families and invest in their future by learning a variety of homemaking skills. I believe God has created us to be creative, intelligent, well-rounded beings, and as a twenty-something daughter living at home, I've had plenty of opportunities to learn and try new things to better minister to those around me and bring glory to Christ. Unlike the world's recipe for success, God's design for women brings joy and fulfillment---starting within the home and reaching your community, and the world.

Product: Duty and Delight 


SRoxanne Ahern is the author of the book Holistic Homesteading: A Guide to a Sustainable and Regenerative Lifestyle. She is also a homemaker and a homeschooling mother of 5. You can follow along with her family's adventures on Instagram at @happyholistichomestead where they share the day to day life of growing, foraging, and preparing food, raising animals, and seasonal living. 
Product: Modern Sustainability: How to be zero waste in a culture created to be disposable 


Hello!  I’m Stephanie, Owner of Serenely Stitched.  I am married to my husband of 6 years and we have 3 children.  When I was pregnant with my oldest, I knew I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, but also wanted to contribute financially to my household.  I decided to use the crochet skills my grandmother had taught me as a young girl and see where that could take me.  Over 11 years later, Serenely Stitched has exceeded my wildest dreams and I have had the opportunity to continue to develop my skills and product line, while being able to stay at home to care for my family.


Product: A Beginner’s Guide to Crochet Basics



Lara is a wife, homemaker and homeschool mom of 4 children. She and her family enjoy living a more natural and holistic life in a ways that honors and brings glory to God. Lara has also incorporated many natural and holistic approaches to pregnancy, birth(3 home births) postpartum, raising children, cleaning their home, and making food and natural remedies. 

Product: Natural Nourishment for Mom and Baby 



With over ten years experience making a home, author and mom of seven, Lisa Bass, shares her love for from scratch cooking, natural living and all things handmade on her blog Farmhouse on Boone. She offers 30 day meal plans to help moms put home cooked meals on the table with minimal effort. 

Product: 4 Week Meal Plans 



I’m Sarah Smith from Smith Farm 1914 where we will encourage you to seek a simple lifestyle, and a back to your roots outlook on life and health. I fell in love with herbalism in 2020 while being a new mom on the hunt for alternative, chemical free swaps in my homes. 

We have been homesteading for nearly 12 years, but full on self sufficiency has been our passion since 2019. We feel convenience has taken society by storm and has strangled patience, self sufficiency, and skill right out of our hands, and we are trying to reconnect to those roots as much as possible and are constantly learning new things. We let the land and circumstances tell us what to learn next! 

Product: Home Herbal Remedies 



My name is Naomi Ruth, yes just like the Bible story, and I’m a wife and mother of three in Northeast Texas. What began as a love of just creating things for creativities’ sake, God has honed into a desire and love for serving my family to the best of my abilities. I love to learn and make, and sewing was one more skill on my list I wanted desperately to concur. I was blessed by some wise women in my life with a brand new sewing machine, and my excitement was unmatched, especially by my skillset. I was quickly discouraged after many failed attempts and put my sewing machine away for good, or so I thought. The Lord works in mysterious ways, and it was in a season that my heart had become stone cold that I turned to my sewing machine to give me something to do. It was during this time of teeth gnashing and bull headedness that I began discovering what it really means to serve my family by dying to myself each day and doing everything with thanksgiving. God keeps His promises and traded my anxieties and fears for peace and contentment. The tiny dresses I had sewn during this time of painful growth and discipline are now worn by the daughter that I never thought I’d have. It was hard for me to learn to sew, but not nearly as hard as it was to look at my heart and see what it had become. What was once a painful skill I couldn’t learn now became a balm of Gilliad. The Lord chastens those he loves, but His correction was sweet in comparison to the pain and emptiness I felt living a life locked in anxiety. And so it has been since, what once was weakness God has used as strength. Now I strive to live a life that is in loving obedience to God, willing and able to give testimony to what God has done. For I am nothing apart from Him. If God can take me in my brokenness and make me new, He can do the same for you. All there is missing is Jesus, God’s only begotten Son, whom He sent to die for the sins of the world. Learning to sew was a means by which the Lord ministered to me, and so I hope it is for you. I hope and pray that you not only learn to sew through the many resources I offer (Instagram, Youtube, this Ebook, and many more books and videos soon to come in a Sewing Ecourse), but that you also are able to hear the testimony of what God has done for me and what He can do for you.  

 Product: A Homemaker’s Sewing Resource: For Beginners Part 1 



Cynthia is a Christian wife, homeschool mom and homemaker. She shares content on Biblical homemaking and homeschooling in hopes of pointing women back to the fullness of Christ within their home. Outside of the home, she dedicates her time to serving alongside her husband at their local church as Youth Pastors and Missional Food Pantry Directors.




Hi I’m Danielle! I'm a wife, mother of two, homesteader and illustrator. Seven years ago I had this dream grow inside of me, an insatiable hunger for more in life than the average suburban nine to five. I didn't want an existence that we were surviving. Instead, I dreamt of a romantic love affair that Life and I would have. One that celebrated intentional slow living every day. For eight years my husband, Nicholas, and I have been running- without hesitation, with passion, and with a destination in our hearts. Running back to our roots.

Product: Homespun Workbook and Planner 


Hi! I'm Callie.
I'm a homemaker, recipe developer, homesteader and photographer over at the blog Good to Gather. Last summer, my husband and I took a wild leap and bought an 18 acre, major fixer upper farm. We are a little farm with big dreams, building a from-scratch life that we love with our six kids. Follow along as we learn to grow our own food, bake from scratch, and renovate our farmhouse one square foot at a time - all to the glory of Christ!
Product: Simple Sourdough Starter Guide 


Andrea is a Whole Foods And Whole Grain Recipe Creator. She has been working to create great tasting, budget friendly, healthy, and kid friendly recipes for over 10 years. She recently launched her blog and has enjoyed being able to finally have a place to drop all the things she is most passionate about in life! She loves to inspire others to live a whole living lifestyle both in nurturing families, children, and in a non toxic, healthy, living environment. Andrea lives in Missouri with her husband Micah, of 14 years and together they have six beautiful children. They are in the process of building a 40 acre homestead from the ground up.


My 5 Favorite Quickest  Budget Friendly Whole Food Skillet Main Dish Recipes 

7 Easy 100% Whole Grain Fail Proof Recipes 



Taylor Ford is a young homemaker residing in central Oklahoma.  She was introduced to homemaking early in life by her mother, and due to ongoing serious health conditions in her mother, she began practicing homemaking and took over the management of the home.

She currently spends her time cooking, baking, babysitting her nieces, working a part-time secretary job from home, growing her Instagram account, learning homesteading skills, and spending time with family.

Product: Peaceful Homemaking 



We are first generation homesteaders that moved from the beaches of California to the Mountains of Montana. We completely changed our lifestyle to provide a safer and healthier life for ourselves and our children. Here at RoosterHead Homestead we practice regenerative farming, animal integration, growing our own food, raising our own meat, cooking from scratch, and homeschooling.

Product: Spirit Of Homemaking 


Carlee Zale is 15 years old and the second oldest of seven homeschooled children. She loves being part of a big family! She is an online art teacher for her own business called Earth and Sky Prints and co-owner, along with her mom, of an herbal business called Pine and Sage Herbals. She enjoys watercolor painting, calligraphy, crafting, listening to biblical podcasts and reading. You can find her on Instagram at @earthandskyprints and @pineandsageherbals.


My name is Cid, and I and the prepping homesteader, known as Prepsteader. I started canning and preserving food in a small apartment with a stock pot. Fast forward nearly 7 years, we have two little girls
and we live an a half-acre homestead with an 1,800 sq ft garden and lots of chickens. Prepping for me is a way to mitigate the small, yet very common things that can come up. Homesteading is a way for us to overcome the bigger things. Once we combined them, we have found our rhythm for life. 
Product: A Prepared Life For The Average Family 

Mom of 1 and 1 on the way, sharing my journey learning the in’s and out’s of motherhood and homemaking

Product: Dear Homemaker 



Stephanie Leaf is a mother, wife, entrepreneur, freelance
writer, and simple living strategist/coach. She helps busy, modern
moms create a simpler, healthier, more homegrown life for their
families.  With her husband Brian, they have been working to transform
their family’s lives to be more self-sufficient, healthy, and
intentional. Stephanie is the founder of the blog, “Wingin’ it on the
Homestead” and the host of the Simple Living Made Simple Podcast where
she shares recipes, tips, tricks, and their family’s journey to simple

Product: From Scratch Condiment Handbook


Lauren is a stay at home, homeschool mom to 5. Honoring God and a health conscious slow living lifestyle are top priorities in her life and home. Find her on Instagram @nourishedhomemaking 
Product: Begineers Guide To Sourdough 


Amy K. Fewell is a biblical herbalist, homemaker, author, the founder of Homesteaders of America, and kingdom builder! She is the creator of The Homestead Herbalist courses and membership, where she teaches others evidence and biblical based herbalism. 

Product: The Homestead Herbalist: Herbs & Preparations for Colds, Viruses, and Flus